Taking Back Tennessee

Our state is at the mercy of special interests and federal bureaucracy. This needs to end now. It’s time to tell all those who stand against freedom, whether they are soulless corporations, anti-American globalists, or socialist infiltrators, that they are not welcome.

It’s time to take back Tennessee.

We Are The People

Our country belongs to us. Our state belongs to us. We The People are the foundation of society. Government exists to serve us, not the other way around.

If elected, I will remember that it is because you chose me to represent you, and I will work to listen to every voter, regardless of party affiliation, on every issue. I will ensure that our rights and liberties, both as Americans and as Tennesseans, are protected.

Why Me? Why Not?

I am a lifelong resident of Tennessee and the Chattanooga area. I’m not a career politician, a lawyer, or a lobbyist. I’m a normal person just like you. And, like you, I see the problems our state and our country are facing.

I want to solve those, but I need help from you. Not some business alliance or PAC, but you, the people. Together, we can build a better future for everyone in Tennessee, not just our hometown, and let our state shine as a beacon for others, showing for all to see the American values of truth, justice, and liberty.